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projectEVE – Ethics in Virtual Environments

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The 19th century had the Industrial Revolution, the 20th saw mass communication and the nuclear bomb. The 21st century is all about digital and the move to virtual. These were all sea changes for humanity and had a profound impact on individuals and society, and like all advances, there have been positive and negative outcomes. Often society has rushed to embrace new technology with little regard to risks or unintended consequences. Digital technology has become pervasive; it is critical that development and adoption of emerging technology is accompanied by thoughtful research and analysis into not only the possible applications, but also the implications of new virtual capabilities.

projectEVE is a collection of varied expertise and interests, focused on exploring “why virtual?” along with the 2nd and 3rd order effects of embracing digital technologies. projectEVE is not a collection of Luddites – rather these are practitioners who are at the forefront in the broad fields of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Humans. We recognize the power of these environments for teaching, training, healing, and entertaining. But the potential for abuse is equally as vast, and projectEVE endeavors to explore and understand these risks rather than just regret them down the road. The scope of projectEVE will encompass ethical questions within virtual environments (e.g. harassment and trolling), as well as potential issues for society that are exacerbated by virtual humans and artificial intelligence (e.g. what constitutes evidence and veracity, and where did my job go?).

This isn’t about slowing the pace of innovation, but rather being thoughtful throughout the process of concept, design, implementation and adoption of new capabilities. Related information can be found at the Emulsional Worlds site.


projectEVE – creating a future without digital regrets